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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Our providers

"Partnered with industry leaders in their field"

Ontario HBOT

Ontario HBOT
Praxair is North America's leading supplier of high quality medical gasses and equipment for the healthcare industry. Tens of thousands of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities trust Praxair to provide medical gases for a wide variety of services, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Oxygen Supply
Praxair provides, supplies, and maintains our 3000 liquid gallon tank of Ultra High Purity (UHP) medical-grade oxygen, which gives us the confidence to provide our patients with hospital grade, industry leading hyperbaric oxygen therapy for both private pay-for-service and OHIP covered conditions. 
The oxygen is stored as a liquid, which then goes through a vaporizer on demand in order to turn it into a breathable gas. Once this process takes place, the pure medical-grade oxygen travels along the medically welded piping* to one of our 6 hyperbaric chambers.
*A very particular way of welding in order to rule out any impurities 
Oxygen Purity
Praxair supplies Ontario HBOT with 99.993% pure oxygen under the Medipure® trademark, your assurance of quality and purity. Praxair's Medipure® pure medical gases, are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices for Medical Gases (GMP - GUI0031). All pure medical gases meet USP/NF*. requirements and are produced in accordance with Praxair's high quality standards.
The letters USP convey a great deal of information. They let the individual know that the medicine or product, in this case pure medical oxygen, meets several key quality attributes that are necessary to ensure the product will perform as expected. USP standards for the following quality indicators are based on laboratory testing.
IDENTITY: is the product what it claims to be
POTENCY: is it present in the right amount
PURITY: is it free from impurities, contaminants or other unwanted ingredients
PERFORMANCE: will it dissolve and disintegrate in the body so the active ingredient can be absorbed
MSDS**: P-4638, CAS***: 7782-44-7, UN/NA****: 1072, Hazard Class: 2.2, 5.1. Medical Applications: Used in first-aid treatment of emergences such as suffocation and heart attacks, in the treatment of patients with respiratory disorders; in anesthesia; in hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and for other specialized oxygen therapies.
*United States Pharmacopeia / National Formulary | **Material Safety Data Sheet  | ***Chemical Abstracts Service  |
****United Nations/North America Hazardous Materials Code
Perry baromedical
Ontario HBOT Perry Sigma 36 Hyperbaric C
Perry Baromedical is a distinguished and internationally recognized brand name, with a history of more than 50 years of design innovation and quality manufacturing in its field. Perry is the only full line manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers in the industry, with its product line encompassing monoplace, dualplace, and multiplace systems. The Company sells its products to hospitals, private clinics, medical teaching institutions, critical access and children’s hospitals, and burn institutes across the globe. Perry leads the HBO industry with a reputation for doing business with integrity and providing products of superior quality.
The Perry Difference
Perry Baromedical is a registered medical device manufacturer. Perry Baromedical is an ISO 13485:2003 certified world leader in the manufacture, installation and service of hyperbaric oxygen therapy systems for medical application. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)/Health Canada Class II devices and are controlled by federal law. All systems are designed, manufactured, tested and installed in accordance with the current regulations of the FDA/Health Canada, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME/PVHO-2) Codes, The Pressure Equipment Directive (CE Mark), Medical Device Directive (CE Mark) and the requirements of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).
  • First to design patient air flow vents

  • First to introduce the “white” clinically designed monoplace hyperbaric chamber

  • First to launch a 40 inch acrylic 3 ATA monoplace chamber, still the largest in the market

  • First to launch an acrylic 3 ATA chamber for two patients

  • First to have three distinct classes of monoplace units

  • First to introduce built in breathing system (BIBS) to support double blind studies

Our Chambers
Ontario HBOT has six Sigma 36 monoplace hyperbaric chambers. Each chamber is closely monitored and maintained on a daily basis, to ensure all equipment meets our rigorous standards for quality care. Our lead hyperbaric technologist is the only certifiedhyperbaric service technician in Canada, certified by Perry Baromedical. During this rigorous certification course, attendees completely disassemble and reassemble a hyperbaric chamber, and learn how to properly service the chamber for safe and reliable operation. 
Telus Health Logo Ontario HBOT
Telus Health PS Suite EMR Logo Ontario H
Ontario HBOT
Telus Health is Canada's Leading Digital Healthcare provider with over 12 million Canadians covered by Telus Health benefit management solutions, and over 85 thousand physicians, pharmacists and allied healthcare professionals connected to the TELUS Health ecosystem.
For over a decade, Telus has been committed to providing solutions to connect Canada's healthcare industry, with over 2900 dedicated team members and several key partners, joining forces to develop technology through everyday innovation.
Developed by physicians for physicians, PS Suite is the leading EMR choice in Canada, backed by more than 35 years of research and development. In Ontario, more than 1 in 2 family doctors and 1,000 specialists, including paediatricians, cardiologists and OB-GYNs rely on PS Suite EMR to manage their practice. 
There are many benefits of using an EMR over a traditional paper chart system:
  • Increase efficiency: templates, customizable workflows, quickly find information

  • Streamline clinic operations: pre-populated consult letters, progress notes, internet fax

  • Stay connected: access patient records and clinical information easily and securely

  • Patient data security: industry leading data encryption for all patient data

  • Expanding ecosystem: add-ons and updates ensure tools remain relevant and efficient

Implementing an EMR has allowed Ontario HBOT to become a fully paperless facility. 
Patient Care
Ontario HBOT strives to provide class leading healthcare in hyperbarics that is both efficient and effective. Streamlined access to digital patient records during the initial qualification process, allows us to intake individuals within hours of initial contact.
Throughout the patient's protocol, all hyperbaric records, consultations, and other protocol progress markers are noted in the electronic medical record, easily accessible throughout the Ontario Health Network.
Telus Health PS Suite EMR
Perry Sigma 36 Hyperbaric Chamber
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