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Hyperbaric Oxygen





The Ontario Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre (Ontario. HBOT) was founded in 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Starting with just three monoplace hard shell hyperbaric chambers and a team of four, Ontario HBOT began its journey to become one of Canada's premier hyperbaric facilities. 

Over the next 5 years, hyperbaric oxygen therapy started to gain traction in Ontario as a viable modality for various chronic issues and ailments. Three chambers became six, and the team of four became 10. 

To this day, the initial mission has never changed; to exceed expectations and provide kind, compassionate, patient centred care.


We invite you to make us apart of your healing journey.

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Ontario HBOT



6 state-of-the-art, air-break equipped, Perry Sigma 36" mono-place chambers monitored by 2 dedicated hyperbaric technicians


Highly Qualified experienced staff including an Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), two hyperbaric technicians (HT), and one Medical Doctor (MD)


VOC (volatile organic compound) free centre including no perfumes, harmful chemicals etc.


Clean, spacious, family friendly centre including a full kitchen, quiet room, and TV lounge with childrens' toys


All chamber bedding (organic) and patient scrubs made from 100% cotton material, washed on-site using hypoallergenic, scent-free soap


Great drinking water - 10-Stage Remineralized Reverse Osmosis


Fully wheelchair accessible facility 


Comprehensive yet efficient patient intake process


All chambers run on schedule. We value time as a irreplaceable commodity


100% paperless facility. We respect the environment. 


Free WIFI throughout the entire facility


Conveniently located just off the 401 @ Dufferin St. with free parking right outside the front door

Our Staff

Meet the Director

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to welcome you to the Ontario Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre.
Whether you are a patient, referring physician, or interested in hyperbarics, Ontario HBOT is here to provide the highest standard of care with a vested interest in your success.


Every condition we treat, we emphasize compassion, comfort, and healing. My dedicated staff and I guarantee a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan that is both professional and honest.

Most importantly, the Ontario Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre continues to enhance its reputation for excellence in hyperbaric medicine with over forty thousand treatments performed in just over 10 years.

Lastly, I would like to thank our patients and their loved ones for their confidence in making all of us at the Ontario Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Centre, a part of their lives.

In Health,

Laurie-Anne Fayle

Our Technicians

Our highly qualified hyperbaric technicians have a vested interest in providing compassionate care to ensure your hyperbaric treatment is a pleasant experience. 

David is Ontario HBOT's lead Hyperbaric Technician and Safety Director, who has over 4 years of direct hyperbaric experience. As a graduate of Seneca's emergency response program, David is an invaluable asset to the Ontario HBOT team. In addition, David is the only Hyperbaric Service Technician in Canada, certified by leading hyperbaric chamber manufacturer, Perry Baromedical.

15000 treatments supervised. 9000 hours.


Eric is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who has over 5 years experience in patient care both in the hospital emergency department and the private clinic setting. Eric embodies all of the values we cherish most at Ontario HBOT, coupled with his healthcare experience, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

5000 treatments supervised. 3000 hours.



Our Community

See what current and past patients of Ontario HBOT say about their experience at our facility. We value all feedback we receive and use it constructively to improve all aspects of care.


At Ontario HBOT, we believe in a greener tomorrow.
That is why we are proud to have reached our goal of becoming a 100% paper-free facility. 

Not only does this ensure eco-sustainability, but it also provides industry-leading, digital healthcare solutions that offer patients efficient access to their chart, on-the-go appointment changes and additions, and instant access to a physician when it matters most. 

Featuring the Telus Health PS Suite EMR.

Our Providers

Ontario HBOT has partnered with industry leaders in their field, in order to provide patients with world-class care and support when it matters most.
HBOT Patner Vendor Logos

Third-Place Policy

A safe and welcoming public space is a shared community responsibility. Consistent with Our Mission and Values, we expect everyone in our third place community to treat others with respect and dignity, free of bias and discrimination. Behaviors that make anyone feel unwelcome or unsafe have no place at Ontario HBOT.  We trust our staff to address disruptive behaviors appropriately guided by our existing policies and training. 
Be Considerate of Our Staff and Other Patients
Loud or unreasonable noise, or behaviours that are disruptive to others are not tolerated.
Communicate with Repsect
Obscene, harassing, abusive language, hate speech, racial slurs, gestures or actions are unacceptable.
Act Responsibly
Violating any federal, provincial or local law, regulation or ordinance, including any applicable public health mandate is probibited.
Anyone not contributing to a safe and welcoming environment will be asked to change their behaviour. Anyone not changing their behavior may be asked to leave the clinic with possible assistance from law enforcement.

Family Friendly

Our Happy Patients

At Ontario HBOT, everyone is encouraged to make themselves at home, and enjoy their time spent with us. Many of our patients are on long protocols of daily treatments, which tends to make them feel like part of the family before they know it!

We strive to provide a warm, positive, safe space for everyone. Help is always available to those who need it at Ontario HBOT. 

Ontario HBOT Perry Sigma 36 Hyperbaric C


Ontario HBOT has six Sigma 36 monoplace hyperbaric chambers. Each chamber is closely monitored and maintained on a daily basis, to ensure all equipment meets our rigorous standards for quality care.
Our lead hyperbaric technologist is the only certified​ hyperbaric service technician in Canada, certified by Perry Baromedical. During this rigorous certification course, attendees completely disassemble and reassemble a hyperbaric chamber, and learn how to properly service the chamber for safe and reliable operation. 
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