Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

"HBOT is widely recognized to treat a variety of conditions"

Ontario HBOT

While Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) gains notoriety in Canada and becomes more of a "main-stream" modality for the treatment of various conditions, in our experience, acceptance of most private health insurance claims and treatment plans (OCF-18) involving HBOT are increasing.*

Please be aware that Ontario HBOT will only be responsible to fill out the following sections of the OCF-18:


All other sections and form fields must be completed by the prospective patient, PRIOR to submission to the patient care team.



*Ontario HBOT does not guarantee acceptance of any OCF-18 treatment plans submitted to a private insurance company. 

Signature of Health Practitioner

Plan Goals, Outcome, Evaluation Methods, and Barriers to Recovery

Health Care Providers

Proposed Goods or Services Requiring Insurer Approval



PART 11:

PART 12:

The Process


Medical Records

In order to qualify for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we generally require a certain number of medical records to support your current medical condition. This could include:

  • Imaging, scans, photos

  • Consultation notes from referring physician / specialist

  • List of current prescription medication

  • Other documentation related to your condition

In most private pay-for-service cases, extensive medical records are not required beyond the information gathered via our Patient Intake Form. 

FAX NUMBER: 416-781-4268

MD Supervised

Physician on Site

One of the many benefits of choosing Ontario HBOT is the immediate access for consultations with a hyperbaric physician throughout your protocol. 


Throughout your time with us at our facility, we encourage all patients to maintain an open dialogue with our medical care team in regards to any questions, concerns, or updates.


We are all here to ensure you are getting the most out of this very time-intensive therapy! 



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